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Crossrail is Europe’s biggest infrastructure project and was framework funded back in October 2007 - before the catastrophes of a double-dip recession and the changes that followed since.

So, it’s less surprising that Sir Terry Morgan plans were too ambitious now looking back. Crossrail has bust its budget by another £2bn as further delays to the opening of the project, which has been revised to Autumn 2019.

A widely reported revised total cost of the project currently stands at £17.6bn (Dec 18). However, Crossrail isn’t committing to this timeline and the project could still climb further into costs as they now test parts the new Elizabeth Line. 

According to the TFL website: Simon Wright, Crossrail Chief Executive said: "The Elizabeth line is one of the most complex and challenging infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK and is now in its final stages. We have made huge progress with the delivery of this incredible project but we need further time to complete the testing of the new railway. We are working around the clock with our supply chain and Transport for London to complete and commission the Elizabeth line."

There are many frustrations with Crossrail from the public in terms of costs, political with the Mayor of London and Mark Wild, who only joined Crossrail Ltd in November.

Many should remember though the challenges of such a large-scale project that’s never been done in the UK before – alongside the archaeology challenges and all-round sustainability aspirations.

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